Year 7 Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest Workshop

‘Engineering is everywhere’ was the verdict of one year 7 student after taking part in this STEM workshop which was packed with hands-on activities, career information and inspirational films from engineers working in the field of energy right now. Two groups of 60 students took part in the two hour workshops which took place on Thursday 15th November in the morning and afternoon. Students received their own workbook to capture learning as they explored the concepts of energy generation, sustainability and technologies and in the process learned a lot about physics, design and technology and of course engineering.

The highlight of the workshop activities was the ‘Electric Car Challenge’ where students had to work in teams to collaborate and build a miniature electric car. During the process they used voltmeters, measured the distance travelled by the cars to track progress and then looked at ways to improve their test results by refining the design.
Overall the workshops were a great success and the vast majority of students commented on how much more they now knew about engineering at the end of the day compared to the start.
Thanks is due to the ‘Learn by Design’ Company who led the workshop.

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