Saltmine Theatre Visit

On Friday 9th February, Year 8 and 9 students were treated to a very entertaining and thought provoking performance from Escape. A young group of talented performers gave a fifty minute production which showcased and highlighted some of the very real and disturbing trends that have been spawned from the negative side of social media and the far reaching impact it can have on a person’s life.

After the performance there was a workshop where some hard hitting statistics on the issues at hand were revealed in a sobering quiz. The actors hot-seated their characters to be questioned by the audience and reveal some of the motivations and attitudes reflected in the portrayed behaviour. Hopefully, the message was received loud and clear by everyone who needed to hear it.

Escape and its accompanying interactive workshop addresses the negative issues that surround the internet, social media and the impact they can have on individuals. Online bullying, internet dependence, compulsive online gaming and pornography addiction are some of the issues highlighted in a safe, secure and respectful manner.

Performers commented on their exemplary behaviour throughout the performance and accompanying workshop.

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