Winter Fair 2017

Where has the year gone? It seems like only five minutes ago we were packing away last year’s Winter Fair and now here we are again! It was Friday 1st December with two weeks left until the Christmas holidays. Once again we opened our doors to the community and welcomed all into Lees Brooks annual Winter Fair. There were one or two new surprises this year.

Mr Taylors 'Splat a Teacher' stall was hugely popular with a permanent crowd camped around for the majority of the evening. A bucket, wet sponges and willing victims were all it took to generate almost £100 for this stall on it's own. Mr Taylor, Ms Brown, Ms Medland and even Ms House lined up to be pelted and soaked through on a very chilly evening, what good sports.

All the usual treats and goodies were on offer. A hungry belly could follow it's nose and find hot or cold food and diet ruining morsels galore. Chips and turkey burgers seemed a popular choice. Along with games, nail painting and temporary tattoos, we also had the raffle and of course....Santa was in attendance. In the Grotto under the stairs accompanied by his Elf helper, Santa once again kindly joined us to meet the little ones and listen to requests for boys and girls who have been good this year.

We have yet to calculate the total generated for the evening but we considered it a very enjoyable and worthwhile social evening for everyone involved. We give thanks to all the hardworking Staff, Students and Parents who gave their time to make the Fair happen. Thank you all. Merry Christmas from Lees Brook and we hope to see you again next year!

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