Policy on Malpractice and Plagiarism

Most candidates who are sitting external examinations have to produce internally assessed work, including controlled assessments and portfolios, as part of their course. All candidates have access to the JCQ Notice about the proper completion of internally assessed work on the school website. This clearly states the following:

The work which you submit for assessment must be your own
• You must not copy from someone else or allow another candidate to copy from you

All examinations now require candidates to sign a declaration sheet stating that the work is their own. Teachers are also required to confirm that the work is the candidate’s own.
Malpractice – this is the general term used when candidates try to use unacceptable methods in the completion of their work.
Plagiarism – this involves a candidate taking someone else’s words, thoughts or ideas and passing them off as their own.

Teachers are generally very experienced in monitoring the completion of internally assessed work, and usually take steps to advise candidates before the completed work is presented for marking. However, candidates should take careful notice of these pieces of advice;

• Place quotation marks around wording from another source [called “referencing”], and credit the author with their name, name and page of the book or web page and date of publication
• Write a bibliography at the end of the work with the materials used
• Record any help given by people other than the teacher
• Show draft copies to the teacher, to show how the work is progressing
• Keep all work safe and secure, particularly when using ICT – don’t leave printed copies lying around
• Avoid using online essays and sample coursework as teachers will be able to spot work lifted this way
• Teachers know their candidate’s style of writing, so copying from any source will be spotted. All work is moderated or internally verified, so there is a second series of checks for malpractice or plagiarism.

Penalties for breaking the regulations

If any candidate submits a piece of work for internal assessment which is found to have broken the regulations on malpractice or plagiarism, the relevant examination board will be notified, and one or more of the following penalties will be applied:
• The piece of work will be awarded no marks
• The candidate may be disqualified from that unit
• The candidate may not be entered for, or may be withdrawn from the relevant course being studied


Chris Taylor [Examinations Officer]

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