Date reviewed: September 2020
Review frequency: Annually
To be reviewed by: Headteacher


The school’s uniform policy is designed to encourage a purposeful and effective climate for learning. It is expected that all 11-16 students wear full uniform at all times, unless directed otherwise by staff. All students should be smart, take pride in their appearance and dress appropriately within the ethos of a formal, academic working environment. All students should be aware that they represent the school when wearing the uniform both in and out of school.

Wearing clothing that conforms to the uniform is a condition of admission into the school. Please do not allow your youngster to tell you that any of these can be compromised. It puts the school in a difficult position when we have to ring home and ask for an item of uniform to be replaced.


The black uniform blazer with the school logo on the pocket must be worn at all times. It must be clean and smart. Damaged blazers must be repaired or replaced. Jumpers and cardigans are not permitted.


A formal style white shirt with a stiffened collar must be worn under the blazer; it must be plain white with no logo of any kind. Shirts must not be see-through or tight fitting. Collars must not be worn up around the neck; shirts must be tucked into skirts and trousers all the way round and not just tucked in at the front. Coloured T-shirts must not be worn beneath the shirt.


The school tie in the correct year group colour must be worn in a smart manner at all times. Ties must not be decorated with badges, pins, clips etc. If a student forgets their tie, they must borrow one from the school until theirs is replaced.

Year group colours: Year 7 - yellow, Y8 - Grey, Y9 - Red, Yr10 - Blue, Yr11 - Green, Post 16 - White.


Skirts must be plain black and of a formal cut. They must be no shorter than 2” above the knee, not tight and made of a stretchy material. Ankle length skirts are not permitted for safety reasons.


Trousers must be plain black and full length. Jeans, tracksuit bottoms and leggings/jeggingsare not permitted (trousers with studs on will be classed as jeans).


Belts must be black with a standard buckle.


Shoes must be of a formal style and plain black(the rim around the shoe must also be black). Boots*, canvas shoes, trainers or trainer type shoes will not be permitted. Heels must be no higher than 3 centimetres.

*Boots can only be worn when there is snow or ice on the ground.


Black socks must be worn with trousers. White or black socks,plain black or flesh coloured tights (patterned tights are not permitted) must be worn with skirts.


Outdoor coats must be smart and a dark colour; not display any offensive logos and taken off in all lessons. Less formal items, such as hooded tops and tracksuit tops are not permitted.


Bags must be big enough to hold an A4 folder. No offensive slogans, symbols or badges on bags, books or folders.


Extreme hairstyles or coloured hair are not permitted. In certain lessons, long hair must be tied back for health and safety reasons.Shaved patterns and tram lines are not permitted.


A minimum amount of make-up is allowed eg light foundation and mascara. Students will be told to remove excessive make-up. Lipstick is not permitted.


Only neutral or clear varnish is allowed. Nail extensions are not permitted.


Only one pair of modest sized ear studs and a wrist watch are allowed. A letter from parents requesting permission is required for any medical or religious items. All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.


No body, tongue or face piercings are allowed even if they are covered with retainers or plasters.

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