Rewards Policy


Date reviewed: September 2019
Review frequency: Annually
To be reviewed by: Chris Gates (Rewards Co-ordinator)



Lees Brook Community School continues to value and appreciate the positive contributions that pupils make in lessons and in the wider school community. In recognition of this we have established a rewards policy to reward pupils for their efforts. There are 3 stages to the reward system.

R1 (REWARD 1) – Meeting Classroom Expectations

R1 is awarded to all pupils who receive no behaviour consequences or sanctions during the school day. This means that for each of their 5 lessons that day pupils have met all classroom expectations as outlined below. If a pupil achieves R1 then they will be awarded 5 reward points at the end of the school day, one for each lesson they have attended. If a pupil hasn’t met classroom expectations at any point during the day then they are not awarded the R1.
The purpose of the R1 is to recognise those pupils who consistently meet our high expectations and are role models in school.
R1 Criteria - Classroom Expectations:
Pride is taken in written work and it is well presented
No talking over teachers or other students
Good manners, respect and politeness
Good effort shown
Correct equipment
Homework completed to the required standard
Homework handed in on time
Accepting consequences
Arriving on time and settling to work quickly

R2 (REWARD 2) – Exceeding Classroom Expectations

R2 is awarded to a pupil who exceeds lesson expectations. It may also be awarded out of the classroom if it meets the criteria outlined below. This will be awarded by the classroom teacher or the member of staff involved. An R2 is worth 3 reward points and there is no limit to the amount of R2s that can be awarded to a pupil in a school day.

R2 Criteria:
Good/Outstanding work
Outstanding effort
Excellent achievement
Improvement shown
Contribution to the life of the school
Random act of kindness
Community spirit
Good teamwork

R3 (REWARD 3) – Achieving Something Special

R3 is awarded for something exceptional and considered to be an outstanding achievement. An R3 is worth 10 points. Teachers or members of staff involved request an R3 to be awarded to a pupil by informing their Head of Faculty or Head of Year. This ensures achievement is promoted and widely recognised and monitors the consistency of R3 points given across the school. Pupils who achieve an R3 are also likely to receive a separate reward for their achievement.

Other Points Awarded
The following reward points will be entered every half-term.
Data entries:
• 10 points for pupils who are ON TRACK at every data entry point.
• 20 points for pupils who are ABOVE at every data entry point.
• 10 points for students who achieve 95% attendance or above in a half-term
• 20 points for students who achieve 100% in a half-term
• 10 points for every ten sessions attended.



Pupils are rewarded at Lees Brook in numerous ways. Some of the ways are…
Text Messages: Weekly text messages are sent home to parents for pupils who receive no behaviour consequences or sanctions at all for that week.
Letters Home: Reward letters are sent home every half-term congratulating pupils for their achievements.
Golden Tickets: Pupils who achieve no detentions or have 100% attendance are given a golden ticket to attend a special assembly at the end of each term where they receive a prize.
Reward Assemblies: At the end of each half-term there is a rewards assembly for each year group. In this assembly pupils are rewarded with certificates and prizes for a range of criteria and pupils who accumulate the most reward points in that half-term are rewarded with vouchers to spend at the Intu Centre.
Head’s Breakfast: Pupils who have achieved particularly well or accumulated the most reward points get to have breakfast with the head teacher at some point during a half-term. This is so the head teacher can spend quality time with the high achievers and show her appreciation towards their effort.
Reward Trips: At the end of each term there is a rewards trip. Previously we have been to Drayton Manor Theme Park and ice skating at Nottingham Ice Arena. Pupils have to have achieved a certain amount of reward points and have limited behaviour consequences and sanctions to qualify for these trips. There are also smaller trips planned mid-term for different reward criteria.

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