Promoting British Values and the ethos of the school:

From September 2014 we are required by law to demonstrate that we promote ‘British Values’, specifically:

• Democracy
• The rule of law
• Individual liberty
• Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
Lees Brook is a strongly values-driven school and has been so for many years. The values and principles we work to permeate every aspect of school life and the British Values listed are already established in to the way we operate as a learning community. We see education as enabling people, individually and collectively, to take control of their lives and our values, clearly set out on our website, underpin this aim.

Our Values:

• How we learn is as important as what we learn, and the kind of person we each become matters as much as what we achieve;
• Each of us is responsible for our actions and our behaviour;
• We each have a right to feel safe and secure in School and to be free from bullying;
• We each have a right to learn and achieve at the highest level we are capable of;
• The way in which we deal with other people matters, so we should always treat other people as we would wish to be treated;
• We learn from our mistakes as well as our successes.
Our shared vision is to help all our pupils to develop socially, emotionally and academically, to give them self-confidence and self-belief, and to enable them to achieve personal success and fulfilment. Our strong values framework underpins this vision as we strive to develop our students as moral human beings committed to the values of respect for oneself and others, social justice, tolerance, and compassion. We believe that we are individually responsible for our own behaviour and actions, but we can also be a positive influence to support those around us. We see the school as a ‘Community for Learning’ where learning is regarded by everyone as a lifelong process they can engage in.

Ways in which we promote British Values to all pupils at Lees Brook regardless of their different faiths and beliefs:
 Ensuring we all adhere to the school rules. Pupils are regularly reminded that the rules are there to keep everyone safe and to promote a calm and orderly environment. Many of the rules have been in place for a long time but we regularly review them and they are modified or removed if circumstances change and they no longer serve a purpose

 Operating a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to all forms of bullying including racism and homophobia. Lees Brook has a ‘No Physical Contact’ rule that is very effective at protecting pupils from physical bullying that can be masked as ‘play’

 Constantly reinforcing the expectation that pupils must take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences of the decisions they take. They are free to make choices, but should be considerate of other people; when they hurt or upset others, they must face up to it and accept responsibility for their behaviour

 Having democratically elected bodies such as the Student Council that can influence decision making in school. Participating in events such as Parliamentary Elections at a school level helps pupils to understand the operation of democracy in the British political system and gives them an opportunity to be actively involved in an election process.An active School Council at Lees Brook is made up of year group representatives, elected from tutor group representatives, who are elected by members of their tutor group

 Ensuring that mutual respect applies to all members of the school community. Members of staff are expected to treat pupils with respect, to speak to them politely, and to refrain from using sarcasm or belittling them in any way. Equally, pupils are expected to treat members of staff and other pupils with respect in the way that they behave and speak towards them

 Providing opportunities through the curriculum, Form Tutor time, and PCE lessons for pupils to debate issues that relate to British Values and to listen to points of view that are different from their own

 Organising special events, activities, speakers, and visits to broaden our pupils’ horizons and experience.

 Weekly assemblies led by SLT or Heads of Year

 A strong history of fund raising for charities predominantly initiated and led by pupils. The school has a long standing tradition of supporting Red Nose Day, Children in Need and the MacMillan Coffee Morning fundraising annual events

 An annual Act of Remembrance on November 11th

 A planned programme of tutor time activities for each year group, including discussion work on topical issues, current affairs and competitions

 A programme of trips and educational visits, with both curriculum and social aims, with a variety of local destinations or those further afield within Britain or internationally

 Regular pupil surveys including questions about Equal Opportunities and bullying

 Immediate follow-up and investigation of issues raised by pupils and parents regarding bullying, resulting in very high parental satisfaction levels on Parent and Pupil Questionnaires

 There is a full and varied programme of extra-curricular activities which supports and enriches the curriculum at Lees Brook. It includes a wide variety of sporting and arts activities, charity fundraising, community service plus many more

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