GCSE Geography

How will this course help me?

GCSE Geography is one of the most popular GCSE options choices.

The Eduqas GCSE Geography (A) course encourages students to:

· Think creatively by considering questions relating to geographical processes and concepts and how to solve problems our planet faces.
· Think scientifically by collecting and recording evidence from a range of sources, including fieldwork, before critically assessing this evidence to form a conclusion.
· Think independently, by applying their understanding, knowledge and skills to real world concepts and issues.

GCSE Geography develops an enquiry based approach—based on the principle of developing the ability of students to think critically and reflect on their learning.

What trips will we go on?

Fieldwork trips are essential to the study of GCSE Geography. All
students must complete at least two pieces of fieldwork in order to be awarded their GCSE.

Fieldtrip destinations change each year, however forthcoming trips
include studying volcanic landscapes in Sicily, rivers in Shropshire and urban change in Derby city centre.

What will we learn about?

Component 1 : Changing Physical and Human Landscapes (35%)
· Distinctive landscapes of the UK
· River and coastal landforms and processes / Flooding
· Rural-urban links
· Population change and global cities
· Tectonic processes and landforms
· Earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis

Component 2: Environmental and Development Issues (35%)
· Climate change
· Weather patterns and processes
· Ecosystems and human activity
· Global inequalities and development
· Water resources and management
· Economic Development

Component 3: Applied Fieldwork Enquiry
· Approaches to fieldwork methods and analysis
· How fieldwork can be used to investigate geographical concepts
· Application of fieldwork to make and justify decisions

The top Universities in the country love to take on geographers, as they “take important knowledge into the workplace, into charities and into government.” (Russell Group, 2014). GCSE Geography can open many different doors, both vocationally and academically.

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