Film Studies

This OCR specification has been designed to allow learners:
• to develop their analytical, textual analysis skills and become confident readers of films in terms of key universal concepts such as narrative, genre, representation and aesthetics and draw comparisons between set films
• to develop research, investigative and production skills and to work both independently and collaboratively with others
• to develop evaluative skills that allow them to evaluate their own productions in relation to professionally produced films

Study an exciting and enriching subject area
• to study at least six critically acclaimed, culturally and historically diverse set films across a two year course
• to develop an understanding of the key contexts surrounding filmmaking (social, cultural, historical, political and institutional, including technological contexts)
• to apply knowledge gained from the core academic areas of study into their own production of a key sequence from a film in a specific genre or into an equivalent screenplay and produce an evaluation of their production

Why choose OCR?
• OCR’s course has been structured in a logical and coherent way, with two balanced examined components and both worth 35% of the course and a NEA (coursework) component worth 30% of the learners final mark

Film Studies Table


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