At Lees Brook, the PE department aim to provide a program of study that provides a positive learning experience for all students to achieve their full potential.

• A broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum that is enjoyable, safe and challenging.
• To develop students’ physical and social skills, and personal confidence.
• To develop positive attitudes in students demonstrating and understanding moral values; respect for others and sporting etiquette.
• To offer a variety of extra-curricular activities for students to develop their talents and interests


Key Stage 3 Curriculum


Physical Education is valued as an important part of the curriculum for all pupils. The PE programme at Key Stage 3 is taught in single sex groups and set according to their sporting ability.

Students in KS3 will take part in a range of activities and be assessed in the following areas:
• Football, Netball, Rugby, Basketball, Handball (Invasion games)
• Badminton (Net games)
• Trampolining, Gymnastics, (Aesthetic)
• Athletics, Fitness (Performing at maximum levels)
• Rounders, Cricket (Striking and fielding)


Students have 6-8 lessons of each activity. During each activity block the students are taught skills, tactics and strategies to develop their knowledge and understanding of the activity areas. Students are being assessed throughout the block of work and are given a grade for each activity.
Students should be able to work at a pace suited to their ability and self-confidence. It is important that those who are able can progress quickly. However, students who need time to learn new skills have the opportunity to do this. Some activities that are taught in single sex groups are tailored this way to enable success due to physical maturity.
Developing self-confidence is important for students so they are able to make positive decisions about their choices at Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum


At KS4 all students follow a very similar curriculum to that of KS3. However, the focus is to provide opportunities to develop lifelong participation in sport and exercise.
Groups are set with a similar approach to KS3. Students are not formally assessed in core PE but all receive a report on their progress.
In Year 11, students can opt to take part in off-site activities at a variety of local facilities (Springwood Leisure Centre, Derby College, Moorways Swimming Pool, Morley Hayes). All students have one double lesson per week and options are changed each half term.
Activities offered in Year 11;
Squash, Gym, Exercise to music, Table tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Golf (Off-site)
Trampolining, Football, Badminton, Netball, Basketball, Table tennis, Orienteering, Rounders, Tennis (In school)
At KS4 students have the option of selecting PE or BTEC Sport as one of their GCSE's.




• Follows the Edexcel syllabus which accommodates students who are both practically and theoretically gifted.
• The course involves a range of practical and theory lessons covering a range of topics and activities
• Assessment – Examination 2017 60% practical/40% theory
• Assessment – Examination 2018 60% theory/40% practical



We also offer BTEC Sport in KS4 which can accredit the students with 2 A* to C GCSE grades. This involves a range of assignments which can be completed to a Pass, Merit or Distinction level and is an increasingly popular course with our students.


Key Stage 4 - OCR Cambridge National Sport Studies



At Lees Brook Community School we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

Football All years/ Boys/Girls
Netball All years/Girls
Gymnastics All years/ Boys/Girls
Rugby All years/ Boys
Trampolining All years/ Boys/Girls
Athletics All years/ Boys/Girls
Basketball All years/ Boys
Rounders All years/ Boys
Table tennis All years/ Boys/Girls
Badminton All years/ Boys/Girls
Cheerleading Year 7/Girls
Inter-form activities All years/ Boys/Girls

Competitive activities

September – April
Boys – Derby school Football league Yr 7 — 11 City, County and National cup competition Yr 7 — 11
Girls — Football cup competition Yr 7 — 11
Girls — City Netball fixtures Yr 7 — 13
Boys — Local, Basketball competitions Yr 7 — 10
Girls and boys – local and regional gymnastic competitions

We also compete against local schools in friendly fixtures Yr 7 — 11

April – July
Boys/Girls — City, County and National Athletics Yr 7 — 11
Girl’s — friendly Rounders matches Yr 7 — 10


Contact information

Anne Marie Furness Learning Director of PE & Sport
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Matt Hill Deputy Director of PE & Sport
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